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  • EFFECTIVE IN DIABETES: Packed with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs. This unique formulation helps improve metabolism and strengthen the functionings.
  • To be swallowed with water or milk after meal.
  • The haridra (turmeric) gives strength to the immune system and is very effective in treating urinary disorders. The Jamun fruit is very useful in Diabetes Mellitus and Insipid us. The fruit Bilva is kapha and vata palliative and is good for the digestive system related disorders like spruce and low digestive fire. The fruit amla acts as rejuvenatory and gives strength to the immune and urinary systems.
  • Gudmar enhances the production of insulin by inducing and rejuvenating the pancreas, thus facilitating the intake of glucose from the blood stream by tissues, which decreases the level of blood glucose. Methika also plays an important part in controlling.


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