Evolution Wear® – STEADY SOL.™ Solar Charger with TRUE 1 AMP USB OUTPUT


Product Description

Built from the same panel as the World’s Fastest Solar Charger – Rapid Sol®. The Steady Sol Features a high efficiency solar panel with USB 1.0 AMP output. This is not like other solar panels that claim 1.0 AMP and only deliver .01-.4AMP. You will get 1 AMP of power in good sunlight with this product. Order today! The Evolution Wear® Steady Sol™ – is one of the world’s fastest and highest efficiency solar chargers available on the market today. Featuring 24% Raw Wafer efficiency, the Steady Sol™ outputs near 1 AMP of steady power in Direct Sunlight. It can charge, Go Pros, Action Cams, Phones, Portable Batteries, Power Banks, any USB device at 5V. 7W of power at 22-24% efficiency provides unlimited use cases. Made from the same panel as the Rapid Sol; the Steady Sol will give you good solar power for your outdoor needs.

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