Evolution Wear® – Rapid Sol Gen 2 Solar Charger | DELAYED DUE TO COVID 19


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It has been a long journey and a very tough road, but we are ECSTATIC TO bring you the Generation 2 Rapid Sol. This took countless hours of development, refinement, pain, and joy to bring you a fantastic solar charging experience. Thank you for even coming to this page and taking a look, but we hope you decide to back one of the reward tiers and enjoy the ultimate solar charging experience. Evolution Wear® Was founded in Nashville, TN in 2016 and has grown with the help of partner company SEG UNIVERSE Inc., strong backers, loving supporters, and hard work! JUST A FEW OF THE THOUSANDS OF ITEMS THE RAPID SOL GEN 2 CAN CHARGE FAST AND CONVENIENTLY. Spark Drone USB FAN any mobile phone action cameras Vapes Portable Batteries USB C powered tablets and laptops 14W much much more.

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Evolution Wear makes wearable tech.

700 12th Avenue South, Nashville, TN, USA