Frequently Asked Questions

Skyline is a wholesale and retail buying/selling website. Customers are linked directly to sellers in order to ensure a simple buying process as well as cutting out any middlemen to ensure the product they are purchasing is for the best price. Skyline links sellers from all around the globe to buyers regardless of where they are.

Skyline is a platform that is completely free to use to buyers.Browsing is completely free as is signing up and creating an account. The buyer only pays when purchasing a product. In order for sellers to use them they must select a package that is paid monthly.

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It is up to the seller to add images of their products and to add an in depth description that will stand out to buyers. They should add any important pieces of information regarding their product.

Sellers can be certain their products will be accessed as long as they provide the correct description of their product with a full and complete name.

Any product sales or discounts are up to the seller of said product and Skyline can not guarantee how long any product may be discounted or if some ever will be discounted.

Yes, sellers can use a link found here (insert) that will allow them to automatically transfer thousands of items into Skylines databases immediately.

No, you do not need any sort of membership to order off of Skyline. Buyers will however need to make an account in order to complete purchases and to be able to track their orders, making an account is completely free.

You can reset your password here (insert link).

You can log in, select the tab regarding to your account and edit from there or just click here (insert link).

The vendor you purchased from is responsible to provide you with the shipping information as well as a tracking number for your order.

As per each individual vendor. Each vendor may have a different MOQ (Minimum order quantity) and some vendors may not have any.

Vendor is responsible to provide a time frame for re-stock or to cancel your order and provide to you a full refund.

Skyline is doing everything in their power to ensure that vendors provide accurate pictures and descriptions of their posted items.

As long as your order has not yet been shipped to you, you can cancel by going into your cart and clicking on the item(s) and cancelling from there. However if your order was already sent to you then you may be able to return the item if it is in accordance to our return policy found here. (insert return policy link).

Yes, if the vendor offers that option and as per shipping companies availability in your area.

It is in Skylines terms and conditions that all vendors are required to process your order within 24 hours of you placing it.

It is each individual vendors decision if they ship samples.

Yes, all prices are displayed in dollars.

At the moment Skyline is accepting payments by Paypal or by credit card/debit card.

Click on the tab labeled “Invoices” and a list of all your orders will be displayed.

Return Policy

Our top priority is you, the customer and your satisfaction with any and all purchases. Although we offer customer support, the first thing you should do if you are dissatisfied with an order is to contact the seller immediately. However provided below are all of our refund policies which all sellers must follow. In a situation where the parties cannot come to an agreement or if one of the parties feels as if they are being wronged, they may agree to file a dispute and Skyline will act as a figure of authority and settle the dispute.


Retail sold goods are sold individually or in small numbers and are very specific due to this we offer a wide array of reasons for allowing a return on a retail good

Inaccurate order: If the item you receive is not the item you ordered or is the wrong color,size,etc then the buyer must return the item within 14 days of receiving the item with the seller paying the return shipping costs and the customer getting a full refund. The same goes for an item which arrived damaged in any way.

Cancelled order: If you cancel an order within 8 hours of placing it you will receive a full refund of that specific order. If you decide to cancel an item more than 8 hours after ordering it there is a chance that the seller already shipped the said item and in that scenario you will be responsible for the cost of the original shipping as well as the return shipping and you will be responsible for shipping the physical item back.

Dissatisfaction: If for any reason you are not happy with the item you received you have 14 business days from when you received the order to return it with your complete charge being returned however you are responsible to pay the return shipping.


Wholesale goods are meant to be bought in bulk and then resold because of that these are the only reasons returns could be accepted.

Damaged goods: If the items you order arrive damaged in any way you are entitled to receiving a full discount with the seller paying the return shipping.

Incorrect goods: If the items you receive were not the ones you ordered you are entitled to a return with the seller paying for return shipping as well.


Closeout items are items that for whatever reason are sold at a lower price, whether it be an error made on the particular item or the item was considered overstock(ETC). Due to there being potential damage on an item the seller must provide a detailed description of the item being sold. The buyer agrees to read those details and make the decision to purchase or not purchase any good. There are NO REFUNDS FOR DISSATISFACTION WITH CLOSEOUT ITEMS.

Incorrect goods: Any goods that you receive that have been shipped to you incorrectly will entitle you to a full refund with the seller paying the return shipping. Also the seller will be responsible for creating an extremely specific description of the product with information such as but not limited to any damage, whether it was a previously returned item, overstock items, a damaged or opened box, a damaged or open seal and any other information pertaining to the item.


Shipping costs depend on your location in relevance to the location of the vendor.

As soon as the vendor processes your order they will be responsible to send you a tracking number for your order.

Yes, unless the vendor is offering a product in which you will not pay sales tax.

It is upto the vendor and their own personal set MOQ’s.

Skyline recommends contacting the vendor in order to figure out a solution with them.